Living In The 7th Day

Living In Messiah Is Paradise!

According to (Hebrews 3:19-4:3) We must enter into God rest by trusting the Father completely without disobedience and unbelief. Once you’ve entered it, it will be paradise. A place of peace, and never lacking anything. Come to Messiah and receive the desires of the Father for you through the Son Yeshua. So, arrive to this conclusion, that you are to be like Him in every way.

Yeshua is King of all, and He desire us to be like Him in our speech, in our walk, and in our obedience to His perfect will. When it comes to living in this world, we must still obey Him. Even when we need justice, He will give you justice against your adversaries. In me, God has proven to be everything that I need and more. So, trust Him and you will never be without. This you will never regret.

Become a part of the wonderful world of Messiah, here you will be tried, and you will be tested, but you will never be forsaken, He is always with you, and you will never go alone.